Oh it rained today

A few months ago United Utilities were checking the sewage drains and surface water drains on the Riverdale Estate because there was a rise in pollution levels in the river Cocker.

Today after just one day of heavier rain this was what was running off the development site at Strawberry How into Tom Rudd Beck then into the river Cocker maybe United Utilities should be investigates here. Isn’t this contamination of the river system. This didn’t happen until they started disturbing the ecology of the area.


At three o’clock today Tom Rudd was thundering through the Cemetery towards town.



Strawberry How, new Information!!

Amendments have been made to application   2/2016/0670

An “existing culvert” has been found going through the Railway Embankment, strangely enough in exactly the same place as the Berm that Story were applying to cut into the Railway embankment. They now want to reinstate it?

Either way a Berm cut or “Existing Culvert” reinstated, the out come is the same, more water flowing at speed into the Tom Rudd Beck instead of being held back and slowly seeping into the beck.

And what of further down stream?

384251storyorginalmap  389341storynewapplication

Have a look for yourselves.

Water, water everywhere.


Story Homes have at last it seems admitted there’s quite a lot of water in this area.

Planning amendment


Land Off
Strawberry How Road
Variation of condition 2 relating to approved plans on planning approval 2/2014/0381. Amendments are sought to the original scheme 

What this doesn’t say is that these amendments are all about removing surface water from and protecting the development. Go to the Allerdale website have a read, see where you think all the water is going to go. Look at amendment 73 for instance.

  In addition to the drainage schemes already approved they are proposing an extra cutting to allow excess surface water to flow directly into Tom Rudd beck. This means extra water will flow quickly and straight away when rainfall is heavy into Tom Rudd beck which then flows into the river Cocker and then the Derwent at a time when they themselves are likely to be very full and at risk of flooding. As the photos below show and locals know, excess water for decades has flooded the fields either side of the beck, that is what a flood plain does, it then holds the water and slowly releases into the beck.

Story Homes seem to be saying that the extent of flooding was only apparent following the December floods of 2015. This is untrue as detailed photographs were provided by objectors of the flooding on this site in the summer of 2014 prior to the planning meeting. This we were told by the developer had been taken into account. Also after heavyish rainfall in February 2015 this is what Story’s plot 76 and 77 looked like. (these photos and others were again shown to planning officers). Meetings were also held on site where this issue was detailed. The developer at this stage said this had been taken into account. By this application the developer has shown this was not the case.

 date taken 25.02.2015 bottom right

date taken 25.02.2015


date taken 07.03.2014

All this would go down the berm straight into Tom Rudd beck, see flood risk alleviation plan and what Story Homes say below

Strawberry How Development

Flood Risk Assessment Addendum 19-08-2016
Flood Risk Alleviation to North East Corner of Development

Existing Flood Risk:

During December 2015 the north eastern perimeter of the Strawberry How site suffered flooding from overland pluvial flows from the eastern field. The existing Tom Rudd Beck to the north also flooded but did not breach the existing bridle path embankment that bounds the northern perimeter of the site.

The pluvial flow from the eastern fields cut across the north east corner of the site near to where proposed plots 76 and 77 are to be constructed and travelled down the existing pedestrian former railway embankment gaining access to the watercourse.

Proposed Alleviation Measures:

Although the fluvial risk from the watercourse has been further mitigated by raising the proposed plot levels in that area, there is still potential for possible future pluvial flows from the east onto landscaped development site areas. The flows would potentially pond to the east of dwelling 76 and 77, causing a dam situation between the new and existing raised embankments.

To further mitigate the risk of possible future flooding from the pluvial flows the intention is to create a berm cutting approximately 1m wide within the existing pedestrian embankment. This will allow a through route and further safeguard the dwellings in that area by directing pluvial flows away from the development and to the northern side of the embankment gaining access towards the Tom Rudd Beck.

Please write and object to these amendments Story homes need to do more to protect the town not just their development.

It never ends!!

Our beautiful green fields have been reduced to this and now they want more.




Very recently this appeared on the site…..



Which was very strange because Story doesn’t have planning permission for a sales office or the advertising billboards or the parking needed.

A complainant was made to the planning dept. and low and behold an application has now gone in, for this and additional things like flag poles, larger advertising signs and signage with lights.

If you consider this a step too far and yet another eyesore on our countryside please object on the Allerdale website



Rights of way Strawberry How to Slate Fell

MapsAndAerialImage        WCA8 form

These are links to the form and evidence maps. The email I gave you in previous post is still correct but this lady has gone on holiday.

Here is an address for hard copies to be sent, which may be best as the form needs signing and it will save you rescanning it to sent is as an email.

Cumbria County Council
Countryside Access
The Parkhouse Building
Kingmoor Business Park

Rights of way through Strawberry How to Slate Fell fields

Right of way through from Strawberry How to Slate Fell Estate

If you feel that the restricted access created by Story Homes on Strawberry How is not right please fill in this form and return to Sandra.Pattinson@cumbria.gov.uk

Witness statement and or evidence of the path ways being used for more than 20yrs would be great. Here are maps and an aerial image that can go with your form. It would be good to mention that this path is used to get from a to b, Strawberry How to Slate Fell Estate and not just a dog walking path.

WCA8 form   MapsAndAerialImage

Access been restricted by Story Homes

Cockermouth dog walkers and residents will not be happy about this….

I have walked my dogs for 8yrs now along the railway path near the strawberry how development some times using the unofficial path that starts next to the railway line at a gate on the railway path to get to Slate Fell. This path goes across the small field, then crosses over a style/fence into the large field between Tom Rudd beck and Slate Fell estate.

The path then goes right straight to the gate or left it follows the beck for a while then it turns up the large field where it joins an official right of way that crosses the field.

Story Homes have fenced this unofficial footpath off and are now restricting access to the field. This doesn’t seem right. I have spoken to people born and bred here and this path has been used for generations as a right of way. After reading a House of Commons document SNSC 06026 surly there is something the Council can do to keep this path accessible as it would appear that under the law it can now be used as an official path. It can clearly be seen as a well used path in the ariel photo.

The most common way that rights of way come into existence is by presumed dedication. There is a long established principle that long use by the public without challenge can constitute evidence that the landowner intended to dedicate the used route as a public right of way. Presumed dedication can take place by common law or statute law. Statute law requires a period of use of 20 years from the point the use of the path is brought into question.Common law dedication may require less time.