Article from the News and Star website 8th March 2017

Have a read if you didn’t catch it in the newspaper today. Things that Story Homes deem acceptable, really aren’t.

Public turn out to view plans for 224 new homes on Cumbrian town estate

Public consultation by Story Homes for phase two of the development at Strawberry How, Cockermouth.
Sara and Stan Field from Cockermouth look over the plans
Pic Tom Kay Monday 6th March 2017 

Controversial plans for 224 new homes on a Cockermouth housing estate went on show in the town.

Eight-six people viewed the plans for Strawberry Grange, which is being built by Story Homes at Strawberry How.

Concerns were raised about flooding, traffic and the effect of such a big development on town services. Many people said there was no need for so many new homes.

The company already has full planning permission for 96 homes, which are being built on the estate, and outline permission for another 224.

It is preparing to submit detailed plans for those with outline permission.

A public exhibition was held at Saints Rooms, Kirkgate, as part of a two-week consultation process.

Sara Field, of Grayson Close, Cockermouth, attended with her father, Stan Field.

“I’m horrified, we do not need any more houses in town. These used to be beautiful green fields, so much hedgerow has been ripped out,” said Miss Field.

“I think everyone feels so jaded. We can all leave our comments but it will still go ahead, as it did last time.”

Mr Field, a retired architect, added: “They will create a flood risk for those downstream.”

Gillian Telford, of Cockermouth, said: “I’m very concerned about this development: the size, position and – this is my biggest concern – the impact it will have on our water courses.

“This will add to problems which already exist.”

Brian Mitchelhill, of Cockermouth, was also against the plans.

“I have never agreed with this development and think it will cause interminable traffic problems,” he said.

“I would ask all the parties involved to reconsider having a link road to the A66.”

Story Homes’ development planner Adam McNally was at the event.

“We have proven that the access off Strawberry How Road is acceptable.

“We did a thorough transport assessment and looked into its impact on the town infrastructure. The outcome was that there is enough capacity in the network,” he said.

“We will not be increasing the flood risk within the town. We have put a number of measures in place, such as the SUD ponds.

“This means the outfall from the site is certainly no worse than the existing situation.”

He said he felt there was demand for new homes. So far 658 people have signed up to the Strawberry Grange mailing list, and more than 100 people went to the showroom opening on Saturday.

People can view information about the plans and download comment forms on the Story Homes website.

News and Star 8 March 2017 11:05AM


It never ends!!

Our beautiful green fields have been reduced to this and now they want more.




Very recently this appeared on the site…..



Which was very strange because Story doesn’t have planning permission for a sales office or the advertising billboards or the parking needed.

A complainant was made to the planning dept. and low and behold an application has now gone in, for this and additional things like flag poles, larger advertising signs and signage with lights.

If you consider this a step too far and yet another eyesore on our countryside please object on the Allerdale website



Tom Rudd Beck Doesn’t flood??????    Take a look

Locals know Tom Rudd Beck that runs through the proposed Strawberry How site ( that has planning permission for 320 houses ) floods very quickly.  It is not only fed by upstream water but surface water from fields to the north and south of the Beck. Last weekend it was a ‘raging torrent’. To quote Mr Fox, Director: Water, Land and Biodiversity, the Environment Agency for the BBC “in some areas even modest amounts of rain could lead to flooding.” This is definitely the case for this location.!

To quote Kevin Kerrigan  the senior officer responsible for appraising this type of development proposal.

Planning assessments are based on the Environment Agency Flood Zone Maps and the general principle is that built development should where possible be located in the areas of lowest flood risk (Zone 1) and should only be permitted in the medium and high risk areas (Zones 2 and 3) where there is a particular need or justification for the development proposed.”

Did you know that this area is the only Zone 2 flood area on the eastern boundary of Cockermouth close to the Tom Rudd Beck on Strawberry How Road. This on the Environment Agency’s website for their ‘Flood Map for Planning’. Yet the proposed Story Homes Strawberry How development surrounds, and is immediately adjacent to, the only Flood Zone 2 location on the east side of Cockermouth.

The developer (Story Homes) and Allerdale Borough Council Planners ( who recommended approval ) have both stated that all safeguards have been based on the Environment Agency data. In the light of this last weekends disastrous flood surely the wisdom of allowing 320 houses to built is questionable at best. In view of this its clear that the EA data is incorrect and the base data for this planning approval in Dec 2014 must therefore also have been incorrect.


Things have been moving on

Dear reader

Story Homes are going ahead with the Development at Strawberry How despite all the objections and complaints to the Ombudsman. The latest problem is that there are so many amendments to the original application that we feel that another objection is needed. There are 106’s in place, but it appears that these are not being correctly followed. Please click on the link and you will find an objection letter, have a read of it and see what you think, print it then sign it and send to the address top left. Details of the planning application can be found on the Allerdale Council website Ref: CON2/2014/0381

If we must have this development they must be made to do it properly.

Letter for section 106 objection-2

Overheard in The Coffee Kitchen

Well there I was in the Coffee Kitchen, quietly catching with some emails, when I overheard words like ‘school places’, ‘traffic problems’ and ‘housing development’ from two ladies. I tried to ignore it at first, but then the phrase ‘web site’ was uttered, so I felt it was my civic duty to share some information about our group’s efforts.

They were very receptive to the idea of sending in individual views about the Strawberry How development (none of them favourable) and were going to check out this blog soon.

As I thanked them for their time and went back to my Guest Brew coffee (Murambi Lot 57), someone then turned to me and also asked how to find this blog as well – what a cheek, listening into someone else’s conversation 😉

Anyway ladies, if you are now reading this, thank you for your time and concern on this important matter. Please pass it on to as many people as you can.

Urgent – please respond by Friday 19th July

There is a Planning Application now in with Allerdale Borough Council (a Scoping  Opinion Request)  from Signet Planning on behalf of Story Homes, for the Strawberry How site. Details and reports can be found here:

There is a need for concerned residents to comment on this proposal, on the Allerdale site by clicking on the ‘Comment on Application’ button (or click here)

Please pass this on to you family, friends and neighboughs

Dog Walkers Take Note

Dog walkers' field

Dog walkers’ field

If you or your neighbours regularly enjoy walking dogs on the field between the Gable Avenue estate and Strawberry How, then you need to be aware of the impact the proposed housing development will have.

Currently, there is a public right of way from the Bellbrigg Lonning gate right across the fields to the other side of Slate Fell, although some access it from Buttermere Close. You have been able to use the entire field as long as you act as a responsible pet owner (which does include using a dog lead to ensure the safety of the livestock).  However, this will be affected by the proposed Story Homes development of 350-400 houses.

Obviously, the developers do need to preserve the public right of way and ensure there is no damage done to the local environment (the so-called ‘Blue Corridor’ along Tom Rudd Beck). However, this will mean the rest of the field will become a building site for the next few years as it develops into a housing estate.

MapIf this worries you, then please comment on this site, send us an email, write to your local councilor, or just discuss it with your fellow amenity users.