More Hedgerow Drama

Just when we thought that Story Homes in the interest of community relations were going to keep their word and leave the last small section of hedgerow on Strawberry How Rd next to the Cemetery alone because it has birds nesting, they go and do it again.IMG_1646 IMG_1647

We were promised that the hedgerow that still had bits of blue netting on would not be disturbed until the season had finished. But this morning as we drive past this is what we find.

The site office informed us that their Ecologist said that there were no nests and could pull the hedge out. This is totally incorrect there are nests in this section with babies and some with eggs, within the next bit under the chainsaw there is a wren’s nest, we asked them to stop and wait for the Police. The Police arrived and at first said that as Story had a report saying there were no nests there and that there was nothing they could do. Luckily having been shown the nests and viewed photos taken in their presence they had to agree with us that they were indeed active nests and that work needed to stop. The police were there they could not deny that there are active nests in that hedgerow.

In brief:

Wildlife – Birds

The Act makes it an offence (with exception to species listed in Schedule 2) to intentionally:
kill, injure, or take any wild bird,
take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built (also [take, damage or destroy the nest of a wild bird included in Schedule ZA1] under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006), or
take or destroy an egg of any wild bird.

Special penalties are available for offences related to birds listed on Schedule 1, for which there are additional offences of disturbing these birds at their nests, or their dependent young. The Secretary of State may also designate Areas of Special Protection (subject to exceptions) to provide further protection to birds. The Act also prohibits certain methods of killing, injuring, or taking birds, restricts the sale and possession of captive bred birds, and sets standards for keeping birds in captivity.

Come on Story Homes in the interest of forging a better relationship with the community who’s views you you say you listen to, respect the wild life on this site. 

We know you have planning permission however controversial, but please can’t you understand why we are upset, can’t you understand that these are green fields, its countryside, not an industrial site that you may be improving, countryside and wild life that will be lost forever. Please give it chance.


3 thoughts on “More Hedgerow Drama

  1. who on earth are story employing as a so called “ecologist”?????? It beggars belief

  2. Unbelievable. Thanks for being on hand to bring this to police notice! So much for working with the community and having a positive impact on the communities they work within…

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