Destruction of Strawberry How

The blue nets are down; good news you say, but NO Story are ripping the hedgerow out today right now. The 8 nests that were in the hedge have strangely gone, including one that had a sitting bird on eggs just last week. Did you know that birds take their nests with them when their babies have fledge?

Sad day indeed.


4 thoughts on “Destruction of Strawberry How

  1. Disgraceful, it seems Story Homes operate under a different legal system from the rest of us. Even otters in Tom Rudd Beck doesn’t stop their destruction.

    • They said when they ripped out the first hedgerow that they didn’t need to rip out the hedgerow near the cemetery and would wait until the birds had finished, but their nest have disappeared??

  2. Oh please, enough is enough. If we had to stop work everytime wildlife did something then nothing would get done. You people are like a long playing record that goes on and on.

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