Strawberry How: There are many nests the in Hedge.



Beautiful Song Thrush Nest with eggs

Beautiful Song Thrush Nest with Eggs


4 thoughts on “Strawberry How: There are many nests the in Hedge.

  1. Am I one of the few who are looking forward to this development going ahead. I for one can’t wait to have a new build property and to have a house this is not as old as Father Time and actually has a garage to park my car instead of having to fight with shoppers for parking spaces. I agree with you that the area if of natural beauty but we have to let go and move on. Maybe it’s about time some of you got a hobby and stopped complaining it’s quite sad that this is all you’ve got to worry about in life.

  2. Reply to Anita H : I have lots of hobbies thanks, one of them is caring for the natural world. I live in a small old house on Gote Road with no garage and I love it. Unfortunately, it keeps getting flooded, flooding caused by global warming and our modern obsession with covering the world with concrete and tarmac. Did you know trees absorb 67 times more water than grassland ? That’s one of the reasons we are upset by the Story Homes “development”. As the man said, enjoy your new house.

    • Don’t you worry I intend to enjoy, I’m happy that you love your house, I wish I could that’s why I want to move as I don’t live mine. I have nothing against preserving the natural beauty, but the point I am trying to put across is where in Cockermouth can the younger generation afford to buy a house without getting help from these developers that you are trying to stop.

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