Bird Nets at Strawberry How

To put these nets on the hedgerow to stop birds nesting is not a very nice thing to do and we know that many wild life lovers are very unhappy about it and worried about the welfare of the birds and other wild life that use or pass under the hedge, as any fair minded person would be. We all have the right to express our views about things we are unhappy or happy about (Story Homes included who have commented on previous post ), but please do so through the proper channels, Social media, new papers, TV  and sending letters etc. Our web blog is to inform as best we can, as concerned citizens, comments placed here have been for the development and against it in the interest of fairness. And we are about,  as our website title says Sustainable Cockermouth: Exploring the sensible expansion of a Gem Town.

SusCoGroup2013 do not condone any alleged criminal actions taken by the general public.

Please place your complains about this action of netting the hedgerow by Story homes to the correct Authorities, Allerdale Borough Council, the Police Wild Life Crime Unit, RSPB,  Natural England or English Heritage for example.

Thank you




2 thoughts on “Bird Nets at Strawberry How

  1. When Cumbria County Council built their Ego centre and playing fields extension at Cockermouth school their contractor didn’t even bother with nets,they just ripped the hedges out (in May) anyway.As far as I know I was the only one to object.Storey homes are part of a general disregard for the natural world.

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