So it begins!!!

Today Story homes have started to violate our countryside. Even though the planning permission has not been fully signed off, they have started working at Strawberry How.

What are they doing? they are netting the hedgerow to stop the birds from nesting prior to ripping the whole lot out. Hundred year old the hedgerow is and has been our native birds natural habitat for as long. If the birds don’t nest they can rip it out, with birds nesting they can’t, callous and shameful. Not to mention how it looks to us who live here and visitors arriving to our Gem  town. Gem town no more, just another Market town over run by sprawling housing estates.  Sad Day.2016-03-29 11.08.05

And this picture is only the first field this will be over two fields heading down the Strawberry How Farm.


20 thoughts on “So it begins!!!

  1. Think this is awful. I ride my horse regular up this road. Will be very hard to stay safe while this is up and flapping about. Please can any motorists kindly take care if they see us.

  2. This is appalling news – is there nothing that an be done to stop them, if the planning permission is still not signed off?


    • We have to keep a watch out if birds are nesting they can’t rip the hedgerow out. So please keep a look out and film or take photos.
      Ring the Planning Dept to complain. Ring the RSPB, Write to the papers. Let it be know that we don’t want this development.

  3. Thank you for posting this. Have you sent it to the national press? This tactic is horrendous. It’s as if Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is already happening in this beautiful town.
    I’ve stopped believing I live in a democracy; no one I know who lives in Cockermouth wants any of the recent developments to take place but has no say in the planning. The greed of the developers is overwhelming, with no concern for the town or the people who live here. Each new development takes away fields, hedges, trees, flowers, with all the wildlife that relies on them and replaces them with concrete, tarmac and six foot fences.
    I’ve loved liveing here for the last thirty five years but now I feel profoundly depressed and fearful of what the town will be in future. It’s not progress but greed that’s driving the changes and no one with any political power does anything to stop it.

  4. Are you sending this article and pic to Times n Star, and national media? It’s just horrible. Silent Spring arrives in Cockermouth next yr

  5. And guess what, fewer trees and hedge rows, plus more concrete and Tarmac ….. Equals ……. More flooding!!

  6. No new schools or doctors how is our lovely town to cope?

  7. I overlook this and already have birds nesting in my garden!! I wouldn’t be surprised if there were already some in the hedge.

  8. In my many dealings with planning applications I have rarely seen anything so atrocious and cynical as this. I notice the developer bemoans those who have objected to this but don’t state why the netting has been erected. If this practice is allowed by the LPA surely a caveat would be in place preventing it from happening during the bird breeding season. An eyesore and a sad precursor of what is to follow.

  9. Have been flooded 4 times on Gote Road : we need more trees not damn tarmac and concrete. Story homes development should be cancelled, if not, perhaps they would care to pay our insurance premiums. I will be going to Strawberry Howe nightly looking for nests in those hedges. Gem Town , not any longer.

  10. I found an information sheet from a company that does this sort of netting (may not be the company involved here), which says:
    Hedgerow netting can be carried out between October and February (i.e. outside the bird breeding season), however February is considered the most suitable time

    If this netting has only just gone up, it’s quite clearly too late, especially as the warm winter means birds may well be nesting earlier than usual. In all likelihood there were already nests in that hedge. Someone who lives locally should try to get the RSPB to take a look.

  11. I believe putting up netting is best put up between October and February .there may well be nesting birds in there already and rather than just sending in photos…I would contact the RSPCA and/or the RSPB!
    If they find dead birds in there the company could well get it’s knuckles rapped…. It might even contravene their planning conditions.

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