Give parish councils the right to appeal planning decisions.


The planning system is unfair. It is one of the few decision-making processes that gives no right of appeal to affected third parties. The government should introduce a limited third party right of appeal by giving parish councils a right to appeal planning decisions to the Planning Inspectorate.

There is a fundamental imbalance in the planning system. Under current rules, if a council refuses a planning application, the applicant is allowed to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. If a council approves an application, no one has the right to appeal. With the national presumption in favour of sustainable development throwing the planning system into disarray, in the interest of justice, the government should give parish councils the right to appeal planning decisions.

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2 thoughts on “Give parish councils the right to appeal planning decisions.

  1. I understand your concerns with regards to future flooding but Mr Story has/will address these. Do you honestly think he will put us all at risk again? Can’t you people see that these developers are building new houses to keep people like me from leaving Cockermouth because there are no new houses do you really want the younger generation to move else or stay in the town they were brought up in. Please put a stop to this silly nonsense and embrace change Cockermouth cannot stay in the past and must move on.

    • There are a number of houses available to buy in Cockermouth many new builds, how many I wonder are affordable for the younger generation?

      The group is Sustainable Cockermouth, not anti-building Cockermouth. If there were sensible proposals for sustainable, affordable housing on a good site, I don’t think anyone here would have any objection.

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