A new petition to call a stop to all building and new developments on known floodplains.

Every year the UK is seeing widespread and devastating floods up and down the country, yet current Government policy still supports building on known floodplains. Local Authorities must be prevented from allowing all new building and further development on known floodplains.

We all know that Strawberry How is a flood plain

Sue Hayman MP Mentioned Strawberry How Development in the House of Commons in a debate on Wednesday how it has been strongly opposed by local people  not least because it is in a zone two flood area around the Tom Rudd Beck.

Sue Hayman also added: “We have to stop building on floodplains and consider the potential impact of all proposed developments on other properties.”

A new petition has been created to call a stop to all building and new developments on known floodplains. 

The petition is accessed by clicking the link below.

10,000 signatures are needed before the government responds to this petition and 100,000 signatures before the petition is considered for debate in Parliament.”

Please sign it now!



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