Cockermouth mentioned in the House of Lords

Lord Campbell-Savours has appealed in the House of Lords for all house building on the West Cumbrian flood plain to be banned.

He said ,Will they consider statutory month-by-month limits on water asset management at Thirlmere? Will they consider the removal of the Gote Bridge in Cockermouth and the Greta Bridge in Keswick and their replacement by single-span bridges that stop the blocking of water flows? Will they consider strengthening the course of the River Derwent below Cockermouth, to remove some of the meanders, as raised by my noble friend on the Front Bench? Can we have a complete ban on housing development on the west Cumbrian flood plain?

7 December 2015: Column 1360

He went on to highlight the issue of insuring houses built on flood plains since 2009 which will not be covered by the Government’s Flood Re Insurance support scheme.

Finally, can we have a review of the coverage of Flood Re, which is now exposed as fatally flawed, as thousands of people will find that they are not covered, even under the new scheme when it is introduced?

Lord Campbell-Savours,who has worked hard in the house of lords on the Flood Re, and he states that any houses built after 2009 will not benefit from legislation on Flood RE.

What is the Flood Re?  See next post.


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