Tom Rudd Beck Doesn’t flood??????    Take a look

Locals know Tom Rudd Beck that runs through the proposed Strawberry How site ( that has planning permission for 320 houses ) floods very quickly.  It is not only fed by upstream water but surface water from fields to the north and south of the Beck. Last weekend it was a ‘raging torrent’. To quote Mr Fox, Director: Water, Land and Biodiversity, the Environment Agency for the BBC “in some areas even modest amounts of rain could lead to flooding.” This is definitely the case for this location.!

To quote Kevin Kerrigan  the senior officer responsible for appraising this type of development proposal.

Planning assessments are based on the Environment Agency Flood Zone Maps and the general principle is that built development should where possible be located in the areas of lowest flood risk (Zone 1) and should only be permitted in the medium and high risk areas (Zones 2 and 3) where there is a particular need or justification for the development proposed.”

Did you know that this area is the only Zone 2 flood area on the eastern boundary of Cockermouth close to the Tom Rudd Beck on Strawberry How Road. This on the Environment Agency’s website for their ‘Flood Map for Planning’. Yet the proposed Story Homes Strawberry How development surrounds, and is immediately adjacent to, the only Flood Zone 2 location on the east side of Cockermouth.

The developer (Story Homes) and Allerdale Borough Council Planners ( who recommended approval ) have both stated that all safeguards have been based on the Environment Agency data. In the light of this last weekends disastrous flood surely the wisdom of allowing 320 houses to built is questionable at best. In view of this its clear that the EA data is incorrect and the base data for this planning approval in Dec 2014 must therefore also have been incorrect.



3 thoughts on “Tom Rudd Beck Doesn’t flood??????

  1. The blame should be squarely levelled at Allerdale Council. They take too much on trust from proposers. Even the builders are affected. The plans for development in the what was the rectory garden specified drainage via soakaway. We knew this was silly and informed the council – the builder finding this also to be silly was simply told by Allerdale that the plans specified soakaway. No qualified engineer had assessed this one can only surmise that a draughtsman simply did what he was told and Allerdale accepted it as gospel. They do not seem to be qualified to sit in judgement on these proposals and yet there is no redress nor any sign of local democracy at work.

    • I think what seems to be happening is that the Councillors have to take advise from their planning officers and so it would seem that maybe it is they need to be questioned.

      • Yes advice on legal matters but in the end the buck stops with the councillors. It is their responsibility to look after the interests of their communities not the interests of developers although a happy outcome ensues when both interests coincide.

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