We are still here; Note from our Chairman

To the people of Cockermouth I wish to appeal to the 870 people who objected to the Strawberry How planning application, The suscogroup 2013 are still moving forward, and before I could proceed to the ombudsman I had to complain to Allerdale Borough Council, This takes two phases you must write to the chief executive, who then asks a junior officer to investigate and must reply, for which he has done so and found that the council meeting was not in any breach of any parts of the constitution, even though they had 2 votes for refusal against the planning permission, for which the chairman still would not accept any refusal.

The second part you have to write to the Chief Executive again and state that you disagree with the junior officers findings, for which I have now done, and the Chief Executive has now agreed with his junior officer, and as informed me that I can now proceed to the ombudsman, considering that neither officers were at the meeting and have only interviewed their officers, who were at the said meeting, I would have thought that all of the councillors would have been interviewed?

The committee were taken out of the meeting on three occasions behind closed doors, for procedural reasons, and in doing so challenged our local councillor Len Davies regarding a complaint from Signet (Fred Story’s agent) for him to be removed from the committee on the grounds that he had predetermined the application at a previous town council meeting (which he did not, and he declared an interest for being a member of the planning committee, this was recorded in the town council minutes) Signet told the officers lies, which I am unable to understand why the officers did not check the minutes of the town council which are on the internet, this was bullying in my opinion and trying to influence the committee. The big question is what was said for 5 members to abstain from the vote when previously they had voted for refusal? The conclusion is that after all of this the officers are blaming the councillors for not refusing the application.

I’m asking everyone to complain to the chief Executive and then to the ombudsman?

Jim. Hully chairman of suscogroup2013


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