Strawberry How Development = possible school catchment area problems

At their recent consultation exhibition and in the associated information handed to visitors Signet Planning, acting for Story Homes in relation to the development at Strawberry How in Cockermouth, state that only 800 of the 1200 places at Cockermouth School are taken up by children in the town and so there is no problem with the capacity in the school.

The school accommodates the young people from the town and the surrounding villages in its catchment area. These must be the other 400 children in the school.

It is understood that the actual number on roll, including the sixth form, is 1403 – so much for Signet’s accurate numbers

The implication is clear – if the number of pupils in the town grows and the size of the school stays the same – young people from the fringes of the catchment area could find it much harder, and perhaps impossible, to obtain a place at Cockermouth School.

The effect of this proposed development will not just be felt in Cockermouth but in the district round about in ways that people do not realise.


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