Overheard in The Coffee Kitchen

Well there I was in the Coffee Kitchen, quietly catching with some emails, when I overheard words like ‘school places’, ‘traffic problems’ and ‘housing development’ from two ladies. I tried to ignore it at first, but then the phrase ‘web site’ was uttered, so I felt it was my civic duty to share some information about our group’s efforts.

They were very receptive to the idea of sending in individual views about the Strawberry How development (none of them favourable) and were going to check out this blog soon.

As I thanked them for their time and went back to my Guest Brew coffee (Murambi Lot 57), someone then turned to me and also asked how to find this blog as well – what a cheek, listening into someone else’s conversation 😉

Anyway ladies, if you are now reading this, thank you for your time and concern on this important matter. Please pass it on to as many people as you can.


2 thoughts on “Overheard in The Coffee Kitchen

  1. I am certain you will have noticed how the drains overflow outside the current strawberry how development with only limited rain. Imagine what it will be like when instead of massive fields for soak aways they are replaced with 400 more homes adding to the currently taxed drainage system! A double whammy as the concrete wont soak up the rain and the new houses will add to the surface water drains.

    • Thank you for your comment. As people who live here we know about theses things, but these developers think they know better. They think a SUDs system will work to take the surface water away?

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