Story Homes is watching you.

Curious people may have noticed traffic recording rd cables and cameras on our junctions, Strawberry How/ Lorton Rd and both ends of Kirkgate, its Story Homes recording our traffic flow patterns. As we know these areas are traffic black spots and frequently grid lock. Story Homes are doing this as County Council have requested it in their report on the Scoping application. But note how they are doing this now before the schools go back so traffic levels are not at their highest. Have your say about this, please comment.


12 thoughts on “Story Homes is watching you.

  1. It seems to me it is important to keep the people of Cockermouth informed about the activities of the SUSCO group and remind them what information the group needs to gather and how this can be send to you. An article in Times&Star is the best way.

    It would be also beneficial to find out what other planning proposals in Allerdale were successfully opposed and what specific factors contributed to this.

  2. Yes, i also noticed the traffic cameras located around town, and thought how clever on the to try and fob the townsfolk of Cockermouth with stupid figures of traffic, while taking them at times when the schools have broken up.
    They want to try are cross over Kirgate either during the morning school run or the afternoon run..

    Cockermouth can not cope with a development of this size, and neither do we want it.
    Do the residents of the Parklands estate know, that if this development goes ahead, that there chilkdren will be out of the catchment area for Cockermouth school, as this development will be nearer?????????

    • Thank you for your comment.

    • I heard that Great Broughton is already out of catchment for Cockermouth School because of the extent of the new builds. Friends had to send their third child to Maryport, despite their two older children attending Cockermouth School already.

      I tried to verify this but you have to apply to CCC for the catchment area plan.

  3. Totally unrealistic time of year to do this as the results will not be true for the other 11 months of the year. Hopefully this can will be flagged up to the county council.

  4. Doing the survey during the school holidays and for such a short amount of time, surely illustrates that they are fully aware that traffic congestion is the biggest issue. Their action has certainly damaged their cause.

  5. I was absolutely disgusted when I saw this. I could not believe that it would be carried out when schools were not back.
    A development of this size definitely will need an alternative route into Cockermouth.
    Surely everyone remembers the hour long queues from Lorton Road to Sainsbury’s after the flood and this was because so much traffic was having to be routed this way.

    • There is no alternative route into Cockermouth from the east side, but again if the houses are built what do the developers care about our future traffic problems. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hello, I’m involved with the Group at Brigham fighting back against disproportionate development in our (previously rural) village by involvement in the Local Plan. We’ve sent quite a few people each day to the Govt Inspector’s examination (Jan-Feb’) at Allerdale Council but haven’t seen anyone from Susco. You say you’re not nimby’s and I can imagine that, but why no presence? Apologies if we’ve missed you and you did all your commenting on the LP website. Keep strong.

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