Dog Walkers Take Note

Dog walkers' field

Dog walkers’ field

If you or your neighbours regularly enjoy walking dogs on the field between the Gable Avenue estate and Strawberry How, then you need to be aware of the impact the proposed housing development will have.

Currently, there is a public right of way from the Bellbrigg Lonning gate right across the fields to the other side of Slate Fell, although some access it from Buttermere Close. You have been able to use the entire field as long as you act as a responsible pet owner (which does include using a dog lead to ensure the safety of the livestock).  However, this will be affected by the proposed Story Homes development of 350-400 houses.

Obviously, the developers do need to preserve the public right of way and ensure there is no damage done to the local environment (the so-called ‘Blue Corridor’ along Tom Rudd Beck). However, this will mean the rest of the field will become a building site for the next few years as it develops into a housing estate.

MapIf this worries you, then please comment on this site, send us an email, write to your local councilor, or just discuss it with your fellow amenity users.


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