Why Susco was formed

Last year I read a proposal to build a 400 house development off Strawberry How. I thought that the idea made no real sense for several reasons, though the main one being the potential increased traffic flow into an already busy gem town. However, I assumed that it would be dropped when looked at by the relevant planning authorities. My mistake.
We now know, after the recent presentation by the developers and the subsequent town meeting, that the intention to build is still there. This clearly worries and upsets all the people I have talked to, though it could be argued that this could be a vociferous minority.
So, I decided to look at the issue of this proposal in a lot more detail and help form the apolitical Sustainable Cockermouth Group. It’s key concerns are that of traffic flow, housing needs, amenity provision and sewerage/water demands. The Strawberry How proposal has been the trigger event for a number of us to look into much broader aspects of the growth and development of the town.
We now need people to let us know their feelings on these matters, so please look at our website and send in comments there, or via the methods below.
Change to Cockermouth is inevitable, we just need to ensure it is appropriately done.

Tony Terry


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