The Strawberry How Proposed Development

The SusCo Group are a broad collection of Cockermouth residents who are concerned about the future development of this gem town. Its formation was triggered by the proposed development of 350-400 homes on the land adjacent to Strawberry How, adjoining Lorton Road.
It is our contention that there will be major impacts on the town by such a large number of dwellings. These include the increased demand on school places, the health service and allied amenities, sewerage pipeworks and the road junctions (especially at key times of the day).
In the latter case, a recent survey has indicated clearly how much all the junctions are under strain, and will become far worse if the number of vehicles increases significantly. There is no way to improve this infrastructure, however the effects could be mitigated by reconsidering the location and number of properties proposed. Assuming there is the demand for this increase in housing, moving newer developments to the West of Cockermouth would give easier links to major routes out of the town, allow better access to the sewerage treatment works and, if built towards the Northern edge, significantly reduce concerns over water flow and flooding.
The broader questions of how much extra housing is needed (the Allerdale Local Plan suggests a 10 % increase per year) and of what type (‘affordable’, rental, social, rent-to-buy, etc.) still need to be answered, especially in the light of current and proposed developments.
As for school places, doctors, dentists and general amenities (including in-town parking), these will be affected by any future increase in population, wherever it is homed. Careful consideration is needed before allowing Cockermouth to grow too large.


3 thoughts on “The Strawberry How Proposed Development

  1. The BBC programme TOWN with Nicholas Crane last week (still on iPlayer) about Saffron Walden had some interesting positive and negative points about a similar sort of expansion.

  2. We feel that with other housing developments in Cockermouth the Strawberry how development is not necessary and was bull-dozed through the Council. No-one wants it except Signet and apparently Allerdale Council. It would causer chaos on the narrow surrounding roads and for schools, medical and other services. Why was some of the discussion behind closed doors and why after this did Council members abstaining have a change of mind?

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